Superfriends + Support
Sunday, 6 October, 2019
8:00pm - Over 18's
1 Holland Road
Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom BN3 1JF
Other Info

Self-describing as “Four good boys trying to embiggen their lives through cromulent noise”, Brighton/London based indie pop group Superfriends have never been shy about wearing their cartoonish influences on their sleeves - their name is an obscure reference to The Simpsons, after all. The Superfriends brand of lo-fi pop songs will take you on a colourful nostalgia trip via messy house parties, heartbreak, broken comedown mornings, dogs, and analogue synthesizers.
2019 has seen the release of Super EP, described by the band as their first “proper release”, and containing a selection of their best heartfelt bangers so far. Armed with these (and still newer hits!), Superfriends plot their slapdash ascendancy. They hope you’ll be there to join the party.

Bad Wives
"Mopey tunes, modernist runes. That tape at the bottom of your drawer turned up to drown out the unwanted noises of life. E London by way of Canada, Wales, Notts FFO Breeders, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr"

Georgie from Georgie Femme
Songwriter Georgie McBurnie, frontwoman of pop-art art-pop outfit Georgie Femme, brings for you a stripped-back performance of songs from the band's catalogue and from her past projects 'IIVVQQ' and 'Effected Stems' as well as unreleased miscellenea, in a set spanning styles from indie-pop and soul through folk-punk and melancholic soft rock.
Georgie's writing has been described as "Funny as in 'haha', but also funny as in 'that's not funny, that's sad'".



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