Thursday, 23 May, 2019
8:00pm - Over 18's
1 Holland Road
Hove, East Sussex, UK BN3 1JF
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All gather around! The electric fairground's in town!

There's plenty of ground here, and the air is pretty fair
The clouds will play puppeteers and dry any tears that
form on the cheeks of the fools and the unique,
that all gather around, hearing the clown sound.

They'll be whimsically staring, and typically wearing the cloth of the sky and wide foolish smiles.
Oh fair be this ground, with wires and sparks, communing with the lyre birds, the freaks and the larks!

They look a little like a fairie queen and a conjuror, and their sound too is a dichotomy, half chaos and half peace. There is something childlike and very British-sounding in singer and drummer Rose Dutton’s voice – Syd Barrett meets Sandy Denny – and it’s offset well by the brutal swells of feedback and noise.

"A sun-dappled stroll from Kevin Ayer's Canterbury to the heights of Haight-Ashbury, taking in Swinging London, Paris' Left Banke and the Sao Paulo of Os Mutantes along the way.
From gossamer-light jazz-rock to acid-dripping space whispers and modal guitar wig-outs, Wax Machine convey an intoxicating sense of playful creativity and freedom."
- Shindig! Mag

Twirling and whirling with the rhythms of moon and the melody of sun. Dionysus their friend, and Aphrodite their lover, they shoot into the sky in a rocket ship decorated with velvet and sprigs of thyme.
Time and space don’t matter when the Hill band play their tunes.


£4 / £6

All advance ticket holders receive 20% OFF their food bill.
Simply present your ticket (paper or electronic) at the bar when ordering food.
Full menu HERE.
Call 01273 733984 to reserve a table before the show.

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