The Real Music Club Presents... Flutatious
Saturday, 20 October, 2018
8:00pm - Over 18's
1 Holland Road
Hove, East Sussex, UK BN3 1JF
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The Real Music Club Presents... Flutatious

Flutatious (pictured above)

Flutatious are a feisty, celtic, psy-folk band blending soaring melodic flute, flying fiddle, spacey guitars and groovy beats! They have built up an incredible reputation with their live performances and self-produced albums and are constantly in demand at festivals around the country.

They came to the attention of the Magick Eye Records label when company founder, Chris Hillman, saw them playing a storming set at one of their festival appearances. Magick Eye released the four track EP ‘Fluctuations’ to great acclaim.

Due to the positive reactions to the EP release, Flutatious released in March 2018 a new album produced by the renowned John Mitchell. The album ‘Festival’ features 10 tracks highlighting Flutatious at their very best.


Servants Of Science

Servants of Science are a proggy alt-rock band from Brighton, England & beyond. With Mellotron sounds, strange noises, and all-round excellent musicianship ‘The Swan Song’ is their debut album released in late 2017. The concept driven piece tells the story of an astronaut witnessing the end of the world whilst floating in space, but there's more to it than first meets the ear....


Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate is a proggy, funky, defiant and sometimes poignant London, UK based rock band. This will be their first gig south of London.

Their music combines progressive rock, classic rock, acoustic, blues, metal, folk, funk, minimalism, and electronica, and often explores scientific and philosophical themes.

Their third and latest album ‘Broken But Still Standing’ is a science/science-fiction themed concept album. It follows the story of human evolution, from LUCA, the last universal common ancestor of all current life on earth, via Lucy, one of the possible precursors of our species, to conflict and eventual symbiosis with artificial intelligences. The general theme of the album is that life has progressed by forming coalitions, whether between the primitive cells that engulfed each other to become the cell and the mitochondria (the power stations of the cell), between individuals to form communities, or between different forms of life in the future.



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