Soulace June 2018

Soulace with Fitz Rolla + Jennie Moloney
Sunday, 24 June, 2018
8:00pm - Over 18's
1 Holland Road
Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom BN3 1JF
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Soulace with Fitz Rolla + Jennie Moloney

A night that brings live soulful jazzy vibes to the heart of Brighton, featuring undiscovered talent that deserves to be seen every 4th Sunday of each month. There will also be an open mic section on the night to give a chance for new talents to be discovered and also with resident DJ Desire playing some cool soulful grooves all night. Open mic jam after main acts.

£free entry

Fitz Rolla

Following a short stint from 2016 - 2017 as a backing/lead vocalist in a soul band based in Brighton, budding actor, rapper, singer & song-writer, Fitz Rolla, launched his first solo album, merging R&b, Hip-hop & electronic pop.

A graduate of University of Brighton Business School, Fitz Rolla engages his creative abilities in song-writing and the performing arts. In 2017, Fitz Rolla featured as a supporting character in a music video titled 'Love Trumpet' by Sean-Tosin and featured in March 2018 as a lead character in his first solo music video, titled 'Higher life'.

Jennie Moloney

Jennie Moloney is a singer-songwriter/all round good slice of pie, originally from sunny Southend-on-Sea, currently living, working, playing and prowling the streets of Cat Cloud Cuckoo Land (known more commonly as Brighton to your average John Doe.) She begun her journey at aged five tapping out 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' on her pint-sized keyboard and hasn't grown much vertically since. Her songs, however, have progressed from the folky acoustic variety, when she first begun writing at fourteen, to some weird and wonderful eclectic mix of whatever happens to float past her fancy at the time. From rap, to jazz, to comedy to theatre, she is on an ever-expanding musical journey to the centre of the earth to discover what the orange bit in jaffa cakes is really made out of and write a song about it.

£free entry

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