Sam Walker

Sam Walker + Shona Foster
Thursday, 2 November, 2017
8:00pm - Over 18's
1 Holland Road
Hove, East Sussex, UK BN3 1JF
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Sam Walker + Shona Foster

A rare Brighton double headline show from two very special artists. Expect Soaring melody, exquisite invention, pin drop silence, rowdy anthems, darkness, light, hope ,fury and joy.

£5.40adv / £8otd

Sam Walker (pictured above - Photo: Matt Elliott)

In the somewhere between now, then and soon Sam Walker falls through dreamscapes, imagined lands and different realities. Stumbling into rolling, sweat-drenched, dancefloor-pumping grooves and rocking singalong tunes along the way. Soaring melody, new stories and tender twists meet elastic vocal chords, boundless energy and much multi-instrumentalism. A modern one man band full of hope, fury and joy.

“Brilliant” - Tom Robinson - BBC 6 Music

Shona Foster

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Shona’s work defies easy categorisation. When you hear it, you’ll know that Frank Zappa was bang on when he said that writing about music was like dancing about architecture. We could talk of haunting melodies and enchanting rhythms or about how an Ella Fitzgerald/Tom Waits/Tim Burton collaboration might sound – but that still wouldn’t even be close.

For Shona, the songs spring from the fertile ground where truth and experience meet fantasy and drama – daydreams and imaginary soundtracks made real. What may start as the merest hint of melody is then lovingly crafted by singer and band until the piece has reached its fullest potential. There’s an air of menace throughout, but it’s allied to a sense of adventure, a keening intelligence and a winning way.

The exotic and the everyday in perfect harmony.

£5.40adv / £8otd

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