Flamenco Express Oct 2017

Flamenco Express with Juan Debel + Emilio Ochando
Thursday, 26 October, 2017
8:00pm - Over 18's
1 Holland Road
Hove, East Sussex, UK BN3 1JF
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Flamenco Express with Juan Debel + Emilio Ochando

The flamenco chemistry this month combines - for the first time - the elemental forces of powerhouse dancer Emilio Ochando and global vocal virtuoso, Juan Debel.

Plus 'sizzling soloist' La Joaquina, and guitar maestro Chris Clavo to add to the pyrotechnics. We know roughly how big the bang will be, we just don't quite know the colour..



Juan Debel (pictured above)

From Sanlucar de Barrameda in Cádiz), Juan has spent a lifetime on stage, and his incredible versatility has taken him across 5 continents, performing with traditional and avant-garde productions.

Collaborators include Rojas and Rodriguez, Blanca Li, Javier Limón, Angel Rojas, La Lupi, Daniel Doña, Manuel Linan, Mariana Collado, Carlos Chamorro, Cristian Martin, Pepa Molina, Archangel and José Mercé.

He currently combines his international tours with flamenco dance work in the main tablaos in Madrid. And has a long list of recording projects as a vocalist or composer, including his latest collaboration with Yerai Cortés.

Emilio Ochando

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A phenomenon from the Ballet Nacional de España and Ballet Nacional de Cuba who took London apart in March this year. An acknowledged international artist in constant demand, Emilio has collaborated with Miguel Ángel Rojas, Carlos Rodríguez, Domingo Ortega, Angel Rojas and Carlos Rodrigue among many others.

His company 3DEUNO is now in its fourth year, and touring throughout Spain. Emilio recently won first prize at the III International Dance Festival in Almería.

La Joaquina

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"Leading the dancers, La Joaquina, tiny, urgent and intense, explored a vast emotional vocabulary, and juxtaposed vulnerability and tenderness with violence and aggression. Her feet rattle off tempestuous beats, her sinewy arms snake angrily and her taut body is totally driven by her feelings. Wild and untameable, there is certainly no empty prettiness in her dance.” - Emma Manning. The Stage

Chris Clavo

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A founder member and musical director of Flamenco Express, he began playing the guitar at fourteen and studied with flamenco maestros Carlos Heredia, Diego Amaya and Pepe Justicia. He has performed throughout Britain and Europe with Flamenco Express, with flamenco jazz virtuoso Eduardo Niebla and Iraqi pop sensation Jassim.

"Two amazing guitar solos from Chris Clavo and Jesus Alvarez made string instruments sing with impossible precision." - Staffordshire Post.

"Unlike some of the splashy and slightly pretentious star-name shows at the Sadler’s festival flamenco last month, this performance is totally direct; it’s immediate, involving and completely beguiling." - Exeunt Magazine
“This feisty company delivers the finest in flamenco, plus sizzling soloist La Joaquina” - Time Out
“Forget the sterile, regimented flamenco so often served up to tourists: this was the real thing, and to say that it packed a punch is an understatement” - South Wales Evening Post
“Delighted the audience, who rewarded them with rapturous applause and encores." - - Dance Europe
“An unforgettable evening.” - Anglo Spanish Journal



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